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Collaborate effectively. If you are running your business with other partners or investors, you need to properly establish these relationships with well-drafted contracts. 

Partnership Agreement / Operating Agreement (LLC) / or Shareholder Agreement


Have a written agreement with your business partners. Define ownership, control, and other important provisions regarding your venture. 

Employee Equity Grants and Stock Options

Incentivize your workers by granting them ownership in your company over time. Some options as to how to structure these relationships are listed below. 

Investor Agreement 

If you are bringing cash investments into your business, you will need accompanying contracts defining investment amounts, equity types, investor rights, and other important considerations.

Dergiler Yığın


Businesses often need the same types of contracts again and again for clients, employees, and other regular transactions. Get some well-drafted templates in place that meet the unique needs of your business. Common templates include: 

Master Service Agreement / Client Engagement Letter 

Have a professional contract ready for your clients that will outline your services, rates, timelines, limitations on your liability, and other important considerations.  

Employee / Independent Contractor Agreement 

Detail the terms of your relationship with your employees and independent contractors including pay, intellectual property ownership, and confidentiality. 

Terms of Use / Privacy Policy 

If you transact with your client or user base online through a website, application, or other software you should adopt appropriate terms of use and privacy policies which govern your relationship with your clients and users. 

Distribution Agreement 

Detail the terms of your distribution engagements with vendors and business partners, including orders, shipping, exclusivity, liability placement and other terms. 

Licensing Agreement   

Capitalize on your intellectual property with a customized licensing agreement. 

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 

Protect your trade secrets and confidential information when you share it with workers and business partners. 

Bir Drone Uçan


As an entrepreneur, you will encounter lots of contracts from vendors, partners, employers, and other individuals and businesses. Understanding the terms of your contracts before signing is extremely important. Use professional legal services to review contracts, highlight questionable provisions, and negotiate the terms of your deal before signing. 

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