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Who we work with.

You'll so often see us working with creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs. Our clients include non-profit organizations as well as immigrants. Besides that, a defective product you bought, or the heated discussion with your neighbors is equally important for us.

Our door is open for everybody, of course for you too.

To Us, You & The World

There are different ways to live life. It doesn't have to be the one and unique. Being an attorney is just one of these ways. Whatever we're doing, at the end of the day, the whole thing is building something on values. A life in a coffee shop which we serve our friends and guests with passion, love, and creating relationships is not less admirable than another career full of glory and fame.

We, as ordinary people, should try to make these values infectious where we are. We can only affect our little worlds by spreading them. Who knows, maybe the world changes as a whole one day?


We are in this together.

Meet The Team

Image by Sean Stratton

Attorney at Law


Image by Yoann Siloine

Attorney at Law

Of Counsel

boya Malzemeleri


Of Counsel

Gri şapka



Of Counsel

Image by Yoann Siloine


Attorney At Law

Of Counsel

Daimi Sörf tahtası


Legal Intern

This is that part of the website you always skip and never read.


We’re here, frankly, to be your "umbrella" so you can do your actual work with joy. Leave the paperwork and processes and awkward / stressful / tense emails to us; you have unexpected places to take your crusade or enterprise. The future is always abstract, but your vision isn’t. 


Send us an e-mail and we will coordinate a time to connect on your venture and make a plan for your legal. People say it's easier than they thought it was going to be. 

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