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Creative, Of Counsel

Primary Practise Areas:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Creatives

  • Freelancers

  • Branding

  • Animation

Stephanie Stout was born in Ankara to a British father and a Turkish mother. She has been passionate about art and architecture from a very young age. She even drew very .. very primitive architectural plans at age 4. During her young shool years in Büyük Kolej she devoted her self to her personal artworks, and she also volunteered in other art projects such as theatrical set designs, including Phantom of the Opera. She started her carrier as an architect at Dilekci Architects once she graduated from Gazi University and has  5 years of professional experience in the field. Having a continuous interest in so many different fields of art prompts her to constantly learn more about different digital programs and traditional medias. She is self motivated and persistant in acquiring knowledge and compentencies in order to expand her skill set. Which is why you can find her working on an architectural project, concept design, branding or an animation scene all in one day.

For more serious stuff;

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