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You’re changing the meaning of life. We are in this together.

Since the first day, we have been working with the creatives, freelancers, athletes and entrepreneurs at every stage that intends to make the world a better place. We can help you too. You are here because you need guidance with your legal, and we have you covered. But our experience isn't just from books and practice, we have also been in your shoes. Learn more about who we are.


Like you, we are entrepreneurs building our dream venture. For us, that is a fresh and innovative legal practice in touch with the creative spirit.

  • Venture Launch

    Five steps to launch your business.

  • Day To Day Counsel

    Ongoing legal support for your business. 

  • Sports Law

    A law service experience by sportspersons&lovers for sportspersons.

  • Other Legal

    Aligning your personal needs with your business needs.

We’re disrupting antiquated business culture.

Legal service is created hundreds of years ago, and it is practiced in a way that is not suitable for young startups. We have applied lean principles of entrepreneurship to the legal service in order to establish a more capable, sensible and progressive law office. Learn more about how we’re disrupting antiquated business culture.


Schedule a free call or meeting and we will discuss your needs to make a plan for your legal. 


We will send you a list of recommended projects along with rates for a la carte and packaged services.


Confirm your projects and our legal team will get to work. 

Transparent. Upfront. Specific.

Cost predictability is vital for young ventures. You know exactly how much you pay when you work with us. Quite easy, isn't it? Learn more about our transparent pricing.

We’d love to hear what you’re up to. Of course, there’s no charge for a cup of coffee.

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